Sunday, April 8, 2007

Karen Traviss Knocked My Socks Off

I didn't plan to read five books by Karen Traviss in eleven days, but that's what happened.

Once I began the first one, "City of Pearl" I was hooked - SO hooked.

Recipe for addictive novels:

Begin with a base of Science Fiction genre. Season with a handful of irresistible characters that have been coated with tension. Next, select a variety of fresh vital ingredients: genetic manipulation; war and "ethnic cleansing"; ethics and consequences of media reporting. Dice into tidbits and sift together. Add to seasoned base and stir. Now, firmly seize gender roles at the root and twist. Add to the stew. Simmer with talent, serve hot and flavor with insights or epiphanies as desired.

Margaret Fisk posted reviews for "City of Pearl" and "Crossing the Line" in her blog, so I will begin tomorrow with a review of the third in the series, "The World Before".

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