Friday, September 21, 2007

Good News From Talyn's universe, Updates and Amtrak

I think "Talyn", published August 2005 by Tor, is Holly Lisle's most powerful, profound and captivating book ever. Now comes the next happy news: Tor is bringing out "Hawkspar", Holly's next book in Talyn's universe, in one volume, uncut. I'll be posting the date as soon as I find out (and putting it on my calendar in red letters).

Update on Affiliate website: Holly is working on smoothing out some technical issues with her Affiliate site, so it may not be responsive for the next couple of days. The software for the Affiliate program is new, needed adjustments. It will be working again soon.

Update on what Pandababy eats: still munching away on yummy, filling, nutritious, organic, vegetarian whole foods. Fingernails still grown, IBS still in abeyance most of the time. Sleep patterns disrupted again sometimes, but still sleeping better. Lost pounds are still gone and pants are baggy, very baggy - hah.

Update on CC&R committee: houses and grounds looking good on my first 'rounds' as committee member, but there's some dead bushes and trees on the community greenways that need to be replaced!

We're planning on taking Amtrak for our next trip to visit our daughter, going from Union Station in Portland to Union Station in Washington D.C. That's right - both cities named their train depot "Union Station". It will be a four day trip, coast to coast, and four days back home, our first trip on Amtrak. A direct flight takes about six hours, but I'm very glad we're going by rail. I took my first airplane trip in 1956 - Portland to Chicago. I was airsick and hated it, and still hate flying commercial airliners. (Small private planes are a different story - pure fun.)

Today is the last day for weather expected to be sunny and in the 70's here for some time - we're heading into fall. I'm going to go outside and enjoy some radiation while I can still get it.


Jaye Patrick said...

Oh, oh! I've been to Union Station in Portland and Washington DC!

Amtrak is my preferred mode of travel around the U.S. The seats are comfy, the food is amazing (to an Aussie), the scenery spectacular, the journey relaxing, the passengers fun and the train staff are helpful and fun - though I still haven't forgiven that waiter in the restaurant for giving me grits because I'd never had them before... ick, I say, ewey-ick!

I hope it hasn't changed in the meantime, I think you'll enjoy it.

Oh, FYI? My paperback copy of At All Costs arrived today. When I'm done with it, I'll finally be up to date with the Honor Harrington series, heh, heh.

Pandababy said...

Thank you for the good news about Amtrak - I hope our trip is as good as yours!

I'm in the middle of "Honor Among Enemies" - the sixth paperback printing. Looks like lots of other people are catching up, catching on, to David Weber's Honor Harrington.