Thursday, September 20, 2007

News! I'm a Holly Lisle Affiliate Now

Holly Lisle, author of many of my favorite novels, has made changes in her Affiliate program, including new software, and changes in the referral fee structure.

I like the changes so much I have signed up to be an Affiliate. I have been telling people what a great writer Holly is ever since I read "Hunting the Corrigan's Blood" (a great vampire story and terrific Science Fiction, available as an eBook and now available in print too).

Holly has a growing collection of books by other terrific writers, as well as her own prolific creations, on her website at Shop Holly

If you click on "Pandababy's Favorite Bookstore" in the right-hand column, it will take you to Holly's shop. The prices will be the same as if you found it any other way, and I will earn a small referral fee. If you follow the link, and sign up for the Affiliate program yourself, you will be able to start earning referral payments also. Holly is paying a $10 bonus to everyone who becomes an Affiliate (payable when they earn $10 in referrals - see details on her website).

Why am I inviting "competition"?

Because I will get paid (an even smaller) referral fee for everything that you get paid on. It stops with you, though, so anyone who signs up to be an Affiliate using your links does not create any revenue for me - only for themselves and for you. Holly's Affiliate program does not meet the criteria for a pyramid program with her new and revised guidelines. This makes her much happier, and it motivated me to sign up.

Other reasons I'd like for you to sign up and 'compete' with me: I love to read Holly's books. The more people buy her books, the more likely it is she'll write more books, and I'll get to read them. My motives are purely selfish!

As soon as I figure out how to add the lovely graphic designs with links, there will be more links to Holly's Shop here at Pandababy's Blog.

Meanwhile - sign up and beat me to it. Go ahead, I double dare you!


Jaye Patrick said...

Actually, P., I was a fan of Holly's, but these days I can separate the books into two categories: pre- and post-divorce.

The fantasy novels pre- are terrific - I absolutely love Sympathy for the Devil, the post- ones, not so much. Something is missing from the latter works but I can't put my finger on it. Nor do I see anything 'special' about the crime fiction, though it's improving. I have them on my bookshelves, so I'm thinking that means they need another read before I decide to buy more.

Sorry about that, it's just my humble opinion.

Pandababy said...

I like Holly's fantasy novels better than her paranormal crime fiction, but then, I'm not such a big fan of crime or paranormal, so I haven't interpreted that to mean anything about her writing.

But that is what makes you special, Jaye - you "tell it like it is" - so no need to apologize.

I think writers change for many reasons, and I've never been able to discern why - except the obvious, that usually practice makes perfect and they master their craft as they continue to write.

I say usually because sometimes I like an author's earlier works better. There is a popular romance writer who wrote books fifteen, twenty years ago that I prefer to what she writes today. On the other hand, David Weber's "Honor Harrington" series improves wonderfully from book one to book four (and book one is good to begin with!).

I guess I just think writers are people too, and none of us are that consistent - we all have our ups and downs. But when a writer is good, very, very good, then I know they can do it again. The proof is in what they've already done.

I expect Holly will still be writing ten, twenty years from now, and I can't wait to see where she goes with it. For myself, I hope for more fantasy and Science Fiction from her, because those are my favorite genres.