Monday, September 17, 2007

Screamin' an' Jumpin'

Yes! Screamin' an' jumpin' - that's what I started doing when my husband brought in the mail this morning, and I saw the package from Lynn Viehl.

It was a large package - "Author's Galley Copy" of her latest novel, "Evermore", to be released in January of 2008. She included a letter with a story and picture of the person in her life who inspired the character in her novel - and Lynn - please! put that in the book, inside cover or somewhere. What a fantastic story, and I haven't even opened the galley case yet.

Oh my gosh, I think I must be babbling I 'm so excited. What a privilege, to be able to read "Evermore" NOW!

I promise to faithfully report for all you who may be interested (Jaye, I know you are on the edge of your chair right now), my thoughts on Lynn's fifth Darkyn series novel, just as soon as I've had time to read and digest it, and no plot spoilers.

Sorry, gotta go. Have a lovely, page by page, unbound (galley) copy to read, inhale, savor and mull.

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