Thursday, December 20, 2007

For What it's Worth...

There are many advantages I can think of for using LibraryThing.

There is one thing I wish I had thought of before I started creating my catalog of books, though. Once I had a few hundred books in the catalog, I could no longer be sure whether a particular book I picked up was in the catalog yet, or not.

In retrospect, it seems obvious that I ought to have put some kind of tag or mark in each book as I entered it in the database, so I could see at a glance it was done. But not. So I have spent the past three days branding the books I've entered, checking many that weren't on a particular shelf - did I input that book, or not? I nearly wore out the search function for my catalog. Now I can be sure that all the books on nineteen shelves have been cataloged, and all the books on the remaining shelves have not yet been entered.

This has been a rather backwards way of organizing a library.

So, if anyone decides to catalog their books, here is an idea, for what it's worth - mark them as you enter them in the catalog, and you won't have to guess later, and search, to see if the work is done on them or not.


Kat said...

Actually, if you're entering books by ISBN (as I am), the system will warn you if you enter a duplicate ISBN. Which, having no memory to speak of, I find handy.

May be a bit late to mention it, though. :)

Pandababy said...

Does it warn you with a pop-up? I have repressed pop-ups on my computer, and haven't seen a warning. The only way I can check is going to "profile" and then "stats", to see if all my entries are singular. "Stats" will show how many duplicate books are entered, and a click can bring duplicates up, another click deletes the extras.