Sunday, January 6, 2008

NEW IN PAPERBACK - Cherryh's "Deliverer"

Better and better and even more so, Cherryh just keeps on delivering the goods with her Foreigner saga. The ninth book - Deliverer, was just released in the paperback version on January 2nd. Deliverer furthers the story of Bren, a diplomat-linguist of the highest order. In fact, he has been endowed with the title "Lord of the Heavens", although in this story, he is entirely planet-bound.

The Foreigner series examines the impact of human space technology on a planet which had an eighteenth-century society, and very alien responses to social groups. There are also the insights into a human's responses to this alien society, and not just any adventurer, but a human trained and educated to be the interpreter of humans to aliens and vice versa.

Think of it as Star Wars meets Jane Austin. The technology of space-faring humans threatens the stability of a highly structured, formal alien society, while humans simultaneously fail to comprehend the subtleties of that society, and its exceedingly complex tangle of interwoven loyalties. All this gives the writer marvelous opportunities for creating conflict, and raising the stakes.

Like the rest of the series, Deliverer has a complete plot-line which can stand on its own, but reading from the beginning of the saga will enhance the enjoyment.

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