Wednesday, February 20, 2008

An Answer for Silvergull

My friend Silvergull sent me an e-mail recently saying:

I read your blog about your change of politics. What
brought that on for you?

Here is my answer, copied from my post on my little corner of Obama's campaign website, just as these thoughts poured out...

Why I support Barack Obama:

Obama will effect needed change in Darfur and Iraq and other places of conflict. He will not pander to corporations over the interests of the environment or the people. He will pass a universal health plan that will have the support of the people, instead of one that is rammed down our throats.

Most of all because he will be the catalyst to bring all ages and races in this country together, instead of dividing us. He will work for fairness for the wage-earners, and stop corporations from stealing the retirement plans of their workers. Because he is the first Senator I have ever heard say that the American people should have the same health coverage that he has as a Senator, and that is something I have been saying for decades.

Because his personal experiences growing up and the experiences of his family make him uniquely qualified to understand many different kinds of people, and his work as a civil rights lawyer proves that he is devoted to the cause of fairness and justice for all. Because he is the first candidate I've ever heard speak who I can believe really means it when he says disabled people should have fair treatment - and I am disabled.

Especially because I believe he is the best hope for future generations in America to have a chance at the American Dream, to have a decent public education all the way through college, to have job opportunities with a livable wage for families. Because when he speaks, I know he is speaking his deepest dreams and feelings, and not just mouthing platitudes put together by pollsters and political speech writers.

Because his wife Michelle says he can admit when he is wrong and fix it, that he is a good husband and caring father, because I don't expect or want a Messiah, I just want a man that has a wife that says that like she says it.

Because I think he is the best choice to promote good legislation, put the bully pulpit of the presidency to the best and highest use, to achieve a well-organized and effective government, and to make treaties and if absolutely necessary, make war. Because I believe he will fulfill the many and demanding duties and roles of the president with a sincere and unfailing intention to work for the people, to the very best of his ability, and demand the same from all those he appoints to political office.


Jaye Patrick said...

And if he doesn't or can't do all this?

Barack has been accused of talking a good game, but lacks the fundamental 'nitty-gritty' of how he's going to accomplish all he's proposed.

I think he's going to need two terms to start change - given the American political system is a vast conglomeration of opposing interests.

He is taking on a job that's not for the faint of heart, or for those easy to manipulate (like the incumbent).

Worse, it's not just Americans who are watching and waiting...

Pandababy said...

As I said, I copied what I wrote on my page at Barack's campaign website, and did not edit it for flaws.

You've raised important issues, and I will give them the space they deserve in a new entry.

Thank you for visiting PandaBaby, Jaye.