Saturday, February 2, 2008

I Did It!

I made my first twenty phone calls for Barack Obama's campaign. Whew! Some supporters, some nice people, (a few not-so-nice) but I'm glad I made the effort. Want to make a difference? Go to Obama's website to see what you can do to elect change.

Barack Obama for President


Jaye Patrick said...

Um... just a small question, but aren't you concerned at Mr Obama's lack of experience? Couldn't that lead to others using him as a puppet to further their own ends?

FYI, I admire the American patience with the long campaign. There's no way that would be tolerated here. We get fed up with a six week campaign!

Pandababy said...

Good Question Jaye. I'm confident that he has the leadership qualities to formulate policy and his lack of experience relative to McCain and Clinton is a good thing in my view. It means he is less entangled and beholden to Washington lobbyists and cliques. He is more able to keep his focus on the country as a whole instead of on special interest groups. He has funded his campaign with individual donations instead of the large PACS that have donated to Hilary, for instance.

I think our country needs fresh leadership at home and a new beginning relating to other leaders abroad.

Jaye Patrick said...

Oh, I see. If you look at it that way, then all the other candidates are tainted with cynicism; with a knowledge of how the system works. If Clinton, McCain or Romney get it, the system of institutional abuse continues.

Now I see why so many are supporting Mr Obama. Good luck with it; it's a long campaign.

Pandababy said...

Yes, Americans want a change from 'business as usual' in our Capital. We are looking for someone who will not play the cynical political games of 'you owe me' and 'gotcha'.

We want a leader who will put the ordinary, everyday, working-hard-for-a-living people first, not second behind the wealthiest and most powerful.

I think Obama is going to beat Hilary by a landslide in most places, including California, with its very large number of delegates to the Democratic Convention.