Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"I" or "We"

I marked down how many times Hillary or Obama said "I" or "We" in their debate Tuesday night, and "I" was mentioned about four times more than "we" by Hillary, while Obama said "we" about four times more than "I".

At the close of the debate, Obama seemed to make an appeal for Democrats to stand united and support the party, regardless of who is the chosen candidate. His disputes with Hillary have all focused on differences in their legislative agendas, while hers have focused on personal attacks against him, questioning his honesty and mocking his rhetoric.

It is an encouraging sign of good things ahead that voters are overwhelmingly choosing the candidate who invites them to participate in the political process and who refuses to answer personal attacks with a personal attack.

I have hope that we could return to civil discourse and an electorate engaged in our government - but then, what could you expect: I'm one those "hopemongers" - and glad of it.


heather said...

interesting. i've been generally leaning toward obama the last several months, though not firmly committed, at least not until the last several weeks when clinton's seemed to have gotten more and more snipey. it bums me out, because i would love to have a woman president, but i'm not taking just any chick.

Pandababy said...

I agree with you Heather - "not just any chick". I look for leadership in a president, and want someone who is a good listener, who sees the big picture and who attracts the best people to their administration.

I like the way Obama has kept his cool, focused on issues and inspired people. I've been wondering who he would pick for a vice president if he wins the nomination. This has to be the most exciting presidential race I've ever seen.