Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Reality check please!

I can appreciate that people can get carried away in their enthusiasm - it happens to me, too. And if you haven't seen an enthusiastic panda bear lately, you've missed a very funny spectacle.

So if people, including Hillary, refer to her run for the White House as if Bill is on the ticket too, I can understand why. Leaving Bill and his thirty-five years of experience out of the picture, Hillary may not look like such a strong candidate.

I just want people to notice they can check only one name on the ballot. No one can vote for "them" or for "Hillary and Bill" or even for "Billary". If she is elected and he gets tired of the game and divorces her, can the voters take back their vote? Can her supporters sue him and make him go back to live with her in the White House? What if fate steps in and Bill has a sudden illness or a heart attack? If he is incapacitated, does the Vice-President become President?

Fellow Democrats, please lets have a reality check, and vote for the one candidate who can inspire and unite our country, and we all know by now who that is.

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