Saturday, March 8, 2008

Been Feeling Depressed

not because Obama lost in Ohio, but because of how Hillary won - by using an old scare campaign ad and slinging mud. It doesn't stop with Ohio. She's trying to whip up support for seating the Florida delegates at the convention. What really happened in Florida? Are voters being disenfranchised?

The DLC might be described as a small but powerful Clinton machine that competes with the main Democratic National Party - the DNC. Are the DLC people in charge in Florida? Did they agree with the Republicans to have early primaries? Was it a calculated plan to hand the delegates to Clinton? Do they expect to force the DNC to break the rules and seat the Florida delegates? Look at the numbers for the Florida primary and compare them with other states. Instead of an extra large turnout of Democrats, Florida Democrats stayed home in droves. Why?

It is all about party rules and party politics. Democratic Party rules said Florida and Michigan were not taking their turn in primaries - they moved the election date ahead of other states and broke the agreement. The candidates agreed not to campaign in those two states, because the party said the election would be invalid and the delegates wouldn't be seated.

Now Hillary wants to change the rules to suit her herself. Was it a fair election in Florida and Michigan? How could it be? Most voters didn't even vote because they were told it wouldn't count. Are the Florida Democrats willing to split the party and lose the election? Is their argument about seating the delegates, or is that just a ploy? Why is it that their greatest supporter is the Republican Governor of Florida, Charlie Crist?

All this is just one little side-bar in the current trial of race and democracy in America. Make no mistake - it isn't about Hillary, although watching CNN, MSNBC, or reading the NYT would make one legitimately think otherwise. This election is about whether we will once again let dirty tricks and the media dictate our choice on election day.

This is about whether CNN, MSNBC, etc. will stop showing Hillary all the time, and showing the back of Obama's head while they talk over it. It is about media fairness and whether the NYT and other papers will stop publishing columns that either damn Obama with faint praise or praise him with faint damns, and start reporting the truth - he is the front runner. There is no 'virtual tie' except in the fantasies of Hillary Clinton.

Picture this: Hillary ahead by over half a million popular votes and over a hundred total delegates, and Obama and Michelle repeatedly and publicly call for Hillary to sign on as his vice president. Got the picture?

Now picture what the media would do with it.

Obama is the one ahead by in the popular votes and in the total delegates, and Bill and Hillary have been asking him to 'go to the back of the bus' and accept a position as her Vice President.

Wake up fellow Democrats and cast the sleep from your eyes. Look around and ask who has vastly more support from the Unions? (Obama) Who has the most diverse supporters in age, income, race, ethnic origins, or anything else? (Obama) Who is NOT taking money from the lobbyists who have run Washington and nearly run our country into the ground? (Obama) Which candidate draws the broadest support from people of all political stripes? (Obama) Which candidate can deliver victory for the party and a fresh start for America? (You guessed it!)

Will we wake up? Or will we once again show the Republicans that we can still snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

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