Friday, March 21, 2008

Gov. Bill Richardson Endorses Senator Obama

A former Clinton ambassador to the U.N. and Secretary of Energy, who has earned five Nobel Peace Prize nominations, Richardson gave Senator Obama a resounding endorsement today.

He will be with Barack in Portland early this morning, and 16,000 (free) tickets went in four hours to fill 12,000 seats at the Coliseum. Because of my health issues, it would be irresponsible to get chilled in the rain and 36 degrees, waiting for an hour to get in the door. I said some very bad words yesterday when I figured out that the logistics of getting into the venue would keep me out.

Senator Obama has already answered the race-baiters, the bigots and haters in the most significant speech on race given by a Presidential candidate in a hundred years. I've embedded it here for you.

So now, some answers for Jaye, (and anyone else who has seen the hatchet job the media is doing on Obama and his former pastor). As Jaye, who lives in Australia, said yesterday:

"We here down under, received the edited versions, and I was as shocked as anyone at the rhetoric.

My problem, I guess, is that Obama said Jeremiah Wright was his mentor for many years. So why didn't Barack walk out of the sermons he didn't approve of? A better question is why Barack didn't ask Jeremiah to tone it down a little.

Where does the truth lie? And how do you think this will affect his campaign? Or is it a storm in a teacup?"

Everyone was shocked at the rhetoric in the short clips played this week on the 'news'. Here is a link to a diary at the Daily Kos, where you can see the whole sermon. Then judge if the news has played fast and loose with the truth. Here is a link to a brief explanation of how responsible people view Rev. Wright and his speech. Rev. Wright is among the 100 most respected pastors in America in this photo of them gathering at the White House (yes that is Bill Clinton in the middle, next to Rev. Wright). Finally, here is a link to the website of Senator Obama's church in Chicago, Illinois.

My own opinions on Jaye's questions are short and simple.

Trinity United Church of Christ offers a loving welcome to people of all race and ethnicity. The majority of members are African American. The Church and their pastor have received numerous awards for their community activism, helping the poor and sick. A church is a group of imperfect people who come together for worship and celebration. You don't walk out of your family because the head of the family says imprudent or even outrageous things occasionally.

I respect the loyalty, the genuine love and attachment, the non-judgmental ways that Senator Obama expresses in all his relationships: political, personal, familial, and yes - his church family too. Barack has said that he expressed his dissent to Rev. Wright over certain things, (and I say it is the media's fault that this is all not well know or understood).

Where does the truth lie?

It lies here: I have been moved to tears by the courage of Barack and Michelle Obama, who went into this campaign knowing full well the racist lies and hatred that would be poured over them.

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