Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Silly Politics

From funny politics to downright silly. More on how using the 'say anything to win' old politics of the last century has come back to bite Hillary.

The Daily Kos quotes Slinkerwink's Diary: Sinbad reveals Hillary's 'vast experience' at making peace in Kosovo was on a stage entertaining our troops.

In the same article
, her vital role making peace in Ireland is debunked by Lord Trimble, who actually did make peace there - and won a Nobel Peace Prize for it. He called Hillary's claims "a wee bit silly".

I sympathize with the media not headlining these stories and more. None of us want a former First Lady to look foolish in public. Won't somebody stop her, please?


Therapy Cat said...

For lack of a better place, I wanted to say "Thank you" for affirming my recent comment on The Caucus entitled the Mathematics of Division. A little sleuthing led to my concluding that you are the April Dauenhauer who approved of my analysis and I always try to acknowledge people who speak kindly of me. Best wishes with your writing and other passions from one who writes and has other passions.


PS I am compiling my blog comments at the following blog that until recently lay dormant. http://therapycat.blogspot.com/

Pandababy said...

Good sleuthing Owen, and you are very welcome! I found your post to be most pertinent and intelligent - a good analysis of where the Democratic Party is at this time.

According to news reports, Obama has picked up 60 more super delegates (and Hillary only 30 more) in the turmoil of the past week. I surmise this to mean that the super delegates are looking to halt the chaos enveloping our Party. (One blogger on DKos recently called it a "circular firing squad" - and we all know who dies in that scenario!) The super delegates may also want to correct for the cross-over votes of 'McCainiacs for Hillary' which were revealed in the Boston Globe (St. Patrick's Day issue).

Thank you so much for reading my blog and for your good wishes.