Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Virtual Lynching

I have watched in astonishment and disgust as the media has shortened the original and very short clip of Rev. Wright, where after the "G-d d-mn" part, he points down to the Bible in front of him and says that it "says right there in the Bible" that "G-d will d-mn" anyone who - (he follows with a list: people who kill the innocent, murder woman and children, etc.).

The first clip showed too much for our lying media. It showed that Rev. Wright was delivering a sermon chastising our country for the civilians who have been murdered in Iraq, etc. The media have made that clip shorter, cutting off the part where he points to the Bible, to better stir up racial hatred. Surely that isn't legal anymore in America? Even worse, it is based on a distortion so great it is a lie. Even worse, they are using the government controlled airwaves to do it.

If the government does not step in with televised hearings showing the entire speech, asking the media moguls why they cut out the parts that would demonstrate Wright's Bible reference, etc. then we might as well not even have a U. S. commission on Civil Rights, because they are violating the rights of the society to not be fed lies by distortion and omission by people purporting to report the news or comment on the news. They are violating my rights as a Christian to not be slandered in the public airwaves.

When H. G. Wells "War of the Worlds" was broadcast on the radio, without disclaimers that it was FICTION, it ended up causing widespread panic that caused injuries to people.

What the media is doing right now with their virtual lynching of Senator Obama, (and by extension, any person of color, and any Christian) is a hundred times worse. They are spreading lies that are causing a panic among American voters that could swing the election of our next President.


Jaye Patrick said...

We here down under, received the edited versions, and I was as shocked as anyone at the rhetoric.

My problem, I guess, is that Obama said Jeremiah Wright was his mentor for many years. So why didn't Barack walk out of the sermons he didn't approve of? A better question is why Barack didn't ask Jeremiah to tone it down a little.

Where does the truth lie? And how do you think this will affect his campaign? Or is it a storm in a teacup?

Pandababy said...

Jaye, if I didn't already like you for your writing, I'd have to like you for the questions you ask.

Tomorrow morning Senator Obama will be speaking at the Memorial Coliseum (capacity - 12,000) in downtown Portland. Our son will be there. I won't. It will be 36 degrees and raining while people wait in line to get in, and my health is too fragile for me participate. It has made me sad and mad, but that is life - I'm gettin' old.

So tomorrow morning I'll post my answers to your very good questions, complete with links.