Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Going undercover

A neighbor who knows I'm supporting Barack Obama asked me to come over on Sunday for a "Hillary Party" she is having. I don't plan on making an argument there for people to vote for Barack, (it is her party, after all), but I want to discover what it is that would cause women to continue to support Hillary at this time.

My neighbor said it is because 'Hillary is a woman'. I hope to elicit answers from the attendees that will throw more light on this subject. I am puzzled why anyone, even a strong feminist, would prefer a woman with some serious flaws over a man who has proven to be a more skilled leader, and a more thoughtful speaker.

To put it simply - how can someone run a country if they can't even run a campaign? Hillary's campaign has failed to deliver a consistent and believable message (one day she's Paulette Revere, the next day she's Rocky Balboa, one day she's dodging bullets in Kosovo, the next day it was 'just mis-speaking from exhaustion - on at least four different occasions?); she failed to raise enough money (she had to 'loan' her own money to the effort); failed to plan for contingencies (was sure the race would be over in February); alienated supporters with her attacks on fellow Democrats (when Gov. Richards endorsed Obama, her campaign labeled him 'a traitor' and 'a Judas'); and she has not, with all this flailing, managed to take the lead from Obama.

I fail to see the attraction here, and hope to be enlightened on Sunday. Are there really Democrats who think they would be better off with a leader who is closely tied to the murderous, anti-union thugs in Columbia, just so long as she is the 'right gender'? Exactly what do they think she will do for them that Barack wouldn't do?

I've always had a problem understanding why people do things, so maybe I will be just as confused on Monday, but it won't be for lack of trying to understand.


heather said...

please report back after your spy activities! i am curious, too.

that said, i can see why people want to vote for her, on one issue if nothing else: she does have him beat in the experience - professional and otherwise - department. so the impression that she knows how to get things done, would be better at making deals in washington (a necessity) -- i can see how that might tempt people to vote for her.

Pandababy said...

Yes, experience is the one consistent theme in Hillary's message. Good point. I keep forgetting people see it as a 'plus'.