Sunday, April 6, 2008

Why Pandababy has been AOL

Judge by Traviss came out March 25. You may notice that is the date of my last blog entry.

I read Judge immediately when it came out. I intended to publish a review right away. I'm not going to review Judge after all, at least not here and not now.

All I can say is that it is not at all what I thought it would be. I'm going to need to get some more distance before I can add anything to that.

It takes me awhile to back up and go in a different direction than the one I had in mind. Sometimes that is good - determination, tenacity even. Sometimes it doesn't work well for me, and it is just plain stubborn refusal to deal with facts that are not what I want them to be.


I'm waiting impatiently for the arrival of my next Early Review book: The Spirit of the Place, by Samuel Shem. It will be out June 15, and the early review copy is somewhere in the mail this week.


Our house is undergoing a very slow, small remodel, one bit at a time. The next piece is the two-person Far Infra-red Sauna, which is to arrive any day now. It is recommended by many health care experts for MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) and for FMS (fibromyalgia syndrome) so we expect it to benefit both of us. This is going to use up our entire 'tax refund' boost to the economy - and then some. But if our health improves, it will be worth every penny.


Jaye Patrick said...

Hi P.!

So... does that mean you liked the book or that you've got to think about it and why it went in a direction you didn't expect?

Pandababy said...

After reading the first five books of Karen Traviss' Wes'Har series, (over 2,000 pages, I believe), I had a certain opinion and feeling for the characters.

As Karen states in an interview on her website, her writing is entirely character driven. (In this, I think you have something in common with her.)

I loved the world building she did, and her plots, but she let her characters drive all of it.

In the final book, I had expectations that the characters would act in ways consistent with the way I'd come to know them in the first five books.

Readers may come to feel they 'own' a character because of familiarity and fondness from reading the book, but of course, it is the author who truly owns the characters. How can I say that characters did not act in character, when their creator must evidently think otherwise?

I remain a fan of Karen Traviss and look forward with happy anticipation to Order 66, the fourth and next in her Star Wars: Republic Commando series.

For me personally, the Wes'har series stopped with number five. Judge does not fit into that universe in my head, regardless of any similarity in the names of the characters.

Like? Dislike? The first five books carried me away to a unique place with some people I will never forget, will always the love. The sixth book, not so much.