Thursday, May 8, 2008

Report from Undercover

Many others have reported on the how and why of the end of Hillary's campaign, so I will just give a link here to a great summary by davidkc at the Daily Kos. He's done the work to provide links to the media stories, along with sharp analysis.

Last Sunday I went to the 'Hillary Party' and I did get the answer to my question of why people would vote for her in this Oregon primary.

We were all women, and all Democrats, and I was the only supporter for Barack Obama at the party. We enjoyed lunch, and then a delicious carrot cake, decorated with a picture of a very happy donkey. Finally, I asked "The Question": What is the main reason you are for Hillary?

The answers were different for each woman:
She's a woman, and I want to see a woman in the White House.
She has more experience, has been to more countries.
She has the experience to make better decisions.
She would fight harder for us.
She has been in elected office longer. (I made a small correction on that one - agreeing that Hillary had more time in the U. S. Senate, but pointing out that Barack Obama had more years in elected office because he served in the Illinois state legislature first.)

Heather - you were right, people think she has more (or better) experience (or that her husband does).

and then the last woman said -
She has Bill to advise her and help her out.

Here is where I was surprised, maybe a little shocked, because suddenly everyone was talking at once, agreeing together, excited and animated. I sat back a little back in my chair, lifted up my hands and said,
"Whoa - you are all scaring me a bit. Are you saying that this is a way to get Bill in for a third term?"

They all looked flustered for a second, and then some of them said no, oh no, she'll have other advisers, um, he'll just be there for her.... And one of them said nothing at all, just looked thoughtful, and then concerned.

But we ended on a high note, agreeing that we will all work together for whoever the candidate is in November.

With our mail in ballots, Oregon's election is different. The majority mail their ballots quickly (our household already voted for Obama and mailed our ballots). Some voters wait until May 20th and turn their ballots in directly to the collection centers - libraries and other designated places. We've done it that way in the past.

I've seen estimates that Obama will win 60% of the vote here in Oregon. I hope that is true. Although he is on the cover of Time magazine and the cover of The Economist this week, it isn't officially over until he has enough delegates and the convention ratifies his nomination in August.

With new delegates endorsing Obama daily, and a steady stream of delegates and supporters leaking away from Hillary and coming out for Obama, we are turning our attention to the next contest - winning the general election. Besides defeating John McCain, there are numerous House and Senate seats for the Democrats to turn over, including (R.) Senator Gordon Smith here in Oregon.

Senator Smith has been a faithful advocate for my niece, who was born with Noonan's Syndrome, and he has been so collegian on environmental issues that Democratic Senator Wyden has refused to campaign against him. So I will be sorry to see him go, but he voted with Bush on too many other things, and we need a solid Democratic majority in Congress to enact the changes that are so necessary.

We voted for Oregon House Speaker Jeff Merkley for U. S. Senate, but if challenger Steve Novick wins the primary, we will happily vote for him in November.

I'm over half-way through "Dreams From My Father" and will write a book review on that soon.

Time for a sauna now and it has a built-in cd player. I'll be listening to Resonance.


heather said...

if for some reason hillary was going to win, i would've been glad that bill would've been in there too. wouldn't make me vote for her, but still.

thanks for the report! fascinating.

Pandababy said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Heather (I feel the same way, btw) - and, your welcome.