Thursday, July 3, 2008

Twilight Fall by Lynn Viehl - a review

My oh my oh my oh my! Please, somebody hand me a fan! I mean to say, Lynn writes romance hot, hotter and hottest, and her latest novel falls into the latter group. I was very happy to see the attractive but lonely Valentin Jaus find love at last. The plot in Twilight Fall twists and turns in Viehl's unpredictable but believable style. In this one case, I ended up wanting to take a bite out of someone at the ending, because, well - the suspense was resolved, but then the end was such a shocking teaser! (groan) Now I'll have to wait for the next book in the Darkyn series for the answers. It isn't necessary to read the five previous Darkyn novels in order to enjoy Twilight Fall, but it added to my enjoyment to recognize characters from other books. If you are looking for a new, supernatural, romantic and highly sensual novel, look no farther: Twilight Fall is in bookstores now.


Jaye Patrick said...

Ooooo... the postie dropped off my copy this afternoon. Now I'll have to abandon everything to go read!

Pandababy said...

(grin) have some ice water at hand - you may need it to keep from going up in flames.