Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hawkspar by Holly Lisle

Hawkspar is not a sequel to Talyn, but follows it in the same rich world of the Tonk and their enemies. Talyn hit me like a ton of bricks - I've read it three times already, and each time I discovered new layers. I'm on page 408 of 480 in Hawkspar, and so far, it has had the impact of a ton of feathers. Yes, I'm enjoying it, but no I'm not entranced and immersed as in Talyn.

I don't write critiques, I write reviews. I don't approach books objectively, analytically - I experience them subjectively, as a reader. I don't know if the difference in my experiences between Talyn and Hawkspar are because of differences in me, the reader, or in the writing. Maybe both.

Maybe I'm distracted by getting rid of forty years of accumulated *stuff* while scheduling contractors to give our twenty-five year-old house a make-over before putting it on the market. Going through some major life changes myself, I am less involved in fictional crisis. Goldibear's MCS has worsened steadily for the past year, and the slow torture of watching a loved one suffer overwhelms me at times.

So if you read Talyn and loved it, I think you will enjoy Hawkspar. If you like fantasy in general, you may enjoy Hawkspar. If you expect another novel like Talyn, as I did, you may be disappointed - not in the story, but in the comparison. So don't compare, just read and enjoy.

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