Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A bit of Christmas Cheer

You Are Eggnog

Your holiday personality is indulgent.

The holidays are when you enjoy your favorite treats without abandon.

And while you're a bit greedy for your favorite goodies, you aren't selfish.

You're the type who makes a whole bunch of holiday treats and gives them to everyone you know.

Yes! I'm my favorite winter drink!


Anonymous said...

I'm champagne - Looks like I enjoy getting happy with friends.

Not my favorite - I prefer a nice red, or a mulled wine at winter celebrations.

Do you have an eggnog recipe? I've never had one.

Pandababy said...

Yes, I can see you with a mulled wine.

No eggnog recipe - just buy it at the grocery store. I would like to learn how to make it so maybe I'll do that, and toast 2009 with my own eggnog.