Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year - and Just Keep Going

Here is a story we sent out in 2005 at Christmastime. It was a year we had to often remind ourselves to 'just keep going'.

With the economic turmoil spreading and deepening as we enter the New Year, we offer this parable of innocents just going about their business while those-who-should-know-better put the blame on them for getting attacked. Although those-who-were-in-charge for the past eight years may send out unfunny parodies that imply 'things just happened', we know who removed the safeguards from the stock market, we know who looked the other way while their friends looted our country, and we will know soon where all the money went. After that - watch out! I'm reminded of King Louis XV who is famously to have said "Apres moi, le deluge." His descendants died in the ensuing revolution. We don't seek anyone's head in a sack, but it surely is time to hold malefactors responsible.

Meanwhile, we all may need to practice how to 'just keep going' in what is forecast to be a time of widespread difficulties.

When Goldibear was about five years old, he went to the corner grocery store for his mother, to get some bread. A neighbor had a little dog that came out and barked ferociously at him, so he turned back home. His mother told him to go back and “Just keep going.” He went back to the store, and on the way, the dog came out and barked. Goldibear just kept going. The dog followed him, barking and nipping at his heels, and my favorite bear just kept going. Finally, the dog bit him, but being so small, it could only sink its teeth into his pants and the heel of his shoe. Goldibear just kept going, trying to ignore the occasional sharp pains from his heel. He arrived at the store and went up the three steep cement steps, the dog holding on, yipping loudly as he was jerked up each step. A lady came up the sidewalk yelling, “What are you doing to my dog?” (Remember he was only five years old) he responded, “Your doggie is biting me, but my Mommy told me to keep going.” When the Store Owner opened the door to see what the commotion was about, the lady was forced to disengage her pooch from Goldibear’s pant leg and shoe, and depart. Feeling very grateful to be free of the ‘bitey dog’, the little bear went into the store and bought the bread and took it home. He never forgot what his mother told him - “Just keep going.”

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