Thursday, January 22, 2009

Encounter at a Bookstore

We traveled the short road to Barnes and Noble yesterday for the last of my Christmas books, Weaving Made Easy, published December 1, 2008. Ahh, perfect - just what I hoped for when I ordered it. The cash register sucks all but the final eighty-five cents out of my gift card, which is returned to me as two quarters, three dimes and a nickle. They fall quickly to the bottom of my nearly bottomless purse.

Wait - I just need to check on one more thing. Do they have I Can Make You Thin on the shelf? I'm certain it is a useless bit of puffery, but desperation can create a willing believer.

"Yes, it is back in stock", and the clerk nods to his associate, a very large man, who strides purposefully across the aisle. I follow with a hopeful smile.

"Here", he turns to me, holding a thin copy. "This is a very good book."

I lean slightly towards him and whisper, "Have you tried it?"

"I lost fifteen pounds in three and a half weeks", he admits with justifiable satisfaction.

My eyes widen in astonishment. I quirk my eyebrows at Goldibear, who patiently gets out his gift card and shepherds me towards the voracious cash register. Ah well, we can both use the book, and it comes with a CD which the very large man says is quite helpful.

This morning I added a celebratory dusting of cinnamon to my breakfast of inaugural oatmeal.

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