Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Oatmeal

Inaugural oatmeal was my way of honoring the hope and commitment represented by today's inauguration of President Barack Obama.

In my small way, breakfast became my commitment to participate to the best of my ability in bringing change to America. One much needed change for America (and that includes moi, your favorite bear) is to work at being healthier and thinner! It is very difficult for panda bears to get thin, but oatmeal is a good start - oatmeal plain, no butter, brown sugar, milk or other calorie-laden additions - just plain oatmeal.

I leave it to younger, stronger and healthier bears to take on the major issues of the day - world peace, the economy - oatmeal is really all I can handle these days. So after a hearty breakfast I watched President Obama take the oath of office and listened to his speech (which brought tears to my eyes and shouts of assent from my throat). After the luncheon, Goldibear and I watched the inaugural parade with the President and First Lady (albeit on TV and not in their reviewing stand). We leaped to our feet with paws over our hearts and shouted "Semper Fi!" when the Marines marched by.

Hope is the watchword today - for the world, for our country and even for me - hope for change that will restore the good things that have been lost, renew what good things remain, and reinvigorate our hope to see new good things happening in the future.


Marina said...

No brown sugar? Nooooooo!!

Sounds dreadful. Not even a mashed banana? Bananas are so good for you, perhaps you could overlook their reputation (quite undeserved, I feel) as being maybe slightly a little more fattening than other fruit.

Pandababy said...

Mashed bananas in oatmeal sounds good to me. I loooove bananas.