Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Finally! A book for people like me. People who grew up being told at least once a day "Curiosity killed the cat." People who who were born asking "Why?" and all the related questions - who, what where and when and how.

I've never met author Tom Kashdan, Ph.D., but I love him already. His book, Curious?, released today by Harper Collins, extols the virtues of curiosity. He includes a cautionary chapter on the kinds of curiosity that can become dangerous to peace of mind or body, but most of his new, 352 page book shows us how to use our normal human talent to increase our happiness.

If you are Curious?, you don't have to wait for your bookstore to order it: Amazon has the Kindle edition and Harper Collins offers an ebook in any format you might want. I don't need an act of Congress to declare my own holiday, and I'm marking April 21st as a day to celebrate being curious - Curiosity Day - a holiday for people like me.

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