Monday, August 3, 2009

Recovered and Inspired

I had a drug reaction last month to a change in a prescription medication, but I'm feeling much better now. Well, you try hitting your head against a brick wall for a month and then stop. You'll suddenly feel much better too.

So I dropped in on Pecked by Ducks this morning and discovered le bon mot - the perfect thought at the perfect time. Marina writes with her usual wit and humor about the tools essential to a writer (in her case, a sharp knife at the top of the list). Reading her blog caused all the little neurons and synapses in my brain to start firing in sequence, and I came up with my own short list of essential tools for writers - or, at the very least, for this writer.

a working computer

NaNoWriMo - to encourage me to use the computer

Key Note - for a place on the computer to put all those brainstorms

ywriter2 - because it is very good, and it's by an Aussie - it tells me the truth about ways in which my writing is deficient, and I'm encouraged me when I compare reports from now to previously.

sandbox, bubble bath or other alpha brain wave producing activity - to generate ideas to put to use with writing tools

I'm late with reviews for two books: The Rough Guide to Happiness by Dr. Nick Baylis and The Pursuit of Perfect by Tal Ben-Shahar, Ph.D. I've had a rough couple of months, but expect to complete my reviews this week, as I started both books when they arrived in May and look forward to finishing them, as both have interesting things to teach me.


Barrie said...

and a tool for me: The Flip Dictionary. It is, hands down, my favorite dictionary in the entire world. :)

Pandababy said...

My husband and son have been my 'flip dictionary' for many years, but I just ordered the book from Amazon, so I can give their brains a rest.

Thanks for stopping by Pandababy and thank you for the good idea. The tip of my tongue was getting worn out.

Marina said...

Are you doing Nano this year? I was going to pike out but Drama Duck's keen so I'll probably have to do it to keep her company. We could be buddies!

Pandababy said...

Yes that would be wonderful. I had a brainstorm on Monday about a character and plot and I'm working on the world building, character descriptions, plot outline, etc. that is allowable before NaNo starts. I plan to stop all the preliminary planning in mid-October, and give my Muse two weeks just before NaNo to work in subconscious mode. NaNo is the best tool I know of to keep me writing every day, and (Forward Motion for the rest of the year.