Monday, August 24, 2009

SHADOWLIGHT by Lynn Viehl - Early Review

Deeper into the world of the Darkyn. Wider views of their various talents and relationships. Fuller development of their beginnings and the threats to their survival. That is where Lynn is taking her loyal fans in Shadowlight - A Novel of the Kyndred, to be released October 6, 2009.

Although preceded by seven best-selling novels of the Darkyn, Lynn's latest supernatural romance/thriller is plenty strong enough to stand alone, with new characters and plot twists marking the existence of a more complex world of Darkyn than the one I already knew. The fast-paced plot picks up speed and heat as Min and Matthias battle first each other and then the most deadly enemy the Darkyn have ever yet known.

Rowan, their friend, sparkles so brightly in her scenes that she nearly steals their show. It is a good thing that Lynn has already written a book just for her, and I got to read the ten page preview today. Pre-order, here I go again - Dreamveil is scheduled for publication in June, 2010.

Meanwhile, I have Shadowlight to ponder, and to read at least once more, before then. Another five star from Lynn Viehl.


Jaye Patrick said...

Hey, P.,

I'll be doing a review of Shadowlight later on this month - gotta git me own book done ferst - and the temptation to do it RIGHT NOW!!! is nearly overwhelming.

But I have to wait... sigh.

Does this mean you'll be doing another more indepth review? You mentioned this is 'early' - or is it early as in, like sunrise is early?

Pandababy said...

I should do a review with more depth, and maybe will do so later. I was interrupted so many times writing this review I was ready to bite someone. I miss my old office - a whole room to myself with a door I could CLOSE!

But I wanted to get out the word early on Lynn's latest Darkyn, and I don't do much in the way of story rehash or plot points - too easy to do plot spoilers, especially with a writer like Lynn - so much connected to her other books, too.

Still, if you think it is too brief, I will have to work on it.

Oh - early as in early-before-the-book-is-released-for-publication.