Saturday, September 5, 2009

Led Astray by the Mother of Ducks

So I was cruising Marina's blog the other day, and she blames Glenda Larke. Granted, she did give fair warning - small print, up all night, burning eyes, but it sounded so enticing to read a whole new fantasy online I just ignored her cautions. Instead of staying far away from what might cause such discomfort, I rushed to see what would make Marina stay up all night!

The Last Stormlord, by Glenda Larke is indeed worth a little suffering. Not that I intend to suffer for the upcoming sequels, because I've seen that Larke is a writer I want in my permanent collection.

And I'm still waiting for Robin Hobbs Dragon Keeper: Volume One of the Rainwilds Chronicles to be released in the USA January 2010.


Marina said...

Bad Panda! I could say "I told you so", but I'll just send sympathy instead.

Pandababy said...

The time after this blog entry segued into a very bad few weeks for our family, so forgive me for being late with my reply, Marina. I thought it so hard I thought I wrote it:)

so - Thanks for the sympathy, and I'm glad you didn't tell me 'told you so' :)