Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Reboot - that is what we do when our computers are hopelessly confused and coming up with the wrong answers - or no answers, and churning the same old same old.

So I needed a reboot this morning. Tried the weight machine yesterday - not for me, too awkward, configured for Goldibear, hard to reconfigure on the fly, etc.

And that was a good thing. This morning I did a reboot and picked up The RealAge Workout by Dr. Michael F. Roizen. We have several books on exercise, and I looked at the others, but this one is written for me and my needs. The first thing I discovered is that people in my shape (which is to say - no good shape at all), need to do basic stretches and lots of walking to rebuild "energy supply chain and contractile proteins" before beginning any kind of strength training. Well. I always was an impatient panda bear -impulsive, even.

It turns out strength training must wait until after 30 days of walking and even then, only core muscle groups for the first month. So if I had continued to pursue the weight machine and the areas I targeted, I would have either fallen short of my goal for lack of preparation, or possibly caused myself an injury as well. Patience has its rewards.

Today then is Day One of 30 doing 30 minutes of walking a day, broken down into no less than ten minute intervals. I don't even know if I can hit that target today, but if not, I can work up to it.


Marina said...

I also walked 30 minutes today. The first 15 were peaceful, even productive, as I thought about plot points.

Then I picked up the kids from school.

The next 15 were punctuated by non-stop nagging:
"Why do we have to walk on such a hot day?"
"Can we have a rest now?"
"Can we swim in the pool when we get home?"
"Can you carry my bag?"
"I don't like walking."
"Can you carry my bag too?"
"I want an iceblock."
"My feet are sore."

At least the dog wasn't trying to pull my arm off. I left her at home!

Pandababy said...

Well, I PLANNED to walk thirty minutes on Tuesday, but then my plans to get new walking shoes were put off a week and I finally found a pair today, October 6th.

I have no (little) kids, (not even grandkids), no dogs (or cats either), so lucky you, you have motivation!