Monday, September 28, 2009

Revving Up and Falling Down

Revving up for NanoWriMo, I have decided on the genre (fantasy), and some of the characteristics for world building.

On the diet wars front, I replaced the dead battery in my Omron pedometer today, and started reading The Step Diet by Hill and Peters. And I selected the eleven weight routines that target my problem areas (waist, belly, upper arms and buns).

And then I fell down. After ten aggravating days on a weight loss plateau, I ate four ounces of pistachio gelato - and enjoyed every single teeny, tiny bite.

The weather, which has been warm and sunny nearly every day so far, turned cold and rainy today and for the near future. I can use a treadmill in the gym downstairs for walking. It is the lack of sunshine, the dark days, that affect me. Not a coincidence that falling off my diet is congruent with the beginning of our cloudy, rainy weather. Every winter I fantasize about running away to a warm, sunny island beach.

Probably won't happen this year, but someday... someday.

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