Friday, September 25, 2009

Writer's Cave furnished and waiting

Today Goldibear moved his weight work-out machine, and a large roll-top desk, so that I will have a nice quiet writer's cave, just in time for Nanowrimo'09. My laptop doesn't quite fit on the desk, so a little creative adjustment of the wood with a saw will be happening this weekend.

Not so long ago I mentioned yWriter2 on my list of essential tools for a writer. When I went to update it today, I was shocked to discover that Hal Spacejock is on version, and bless his heart, it is still a free download (donations optional).

Today a new/used copy of Roget's Super Thesaurus arrived - a bit dented but still a good deal for only $1.

At lunchtime, our son announced he is doing Nano this year.

Paperback Writer is handing out encouragement and answering questions for writers gearing up for Nano over on blog, and she gave some very good and welcome advice in answer to my question.

Altogether, the indicators are pointing to a super Nano season.


E. Hartshorn said...

Congrats on getting a writer's cave! And for getting it all ready for NaNo.

Hooray for the son participating, too. That's great.

Pandababy said...

Thanks Erin. Nice of you to stop by for peek at my blog.

I like your group's blog - Walking to Somewhere. I have a pedometer and need to start using it, as I've been stalled on a plateau in my diet for the past ten days.

Hope to see you at Nano, and on the virtual trail:)