Saturday, March 12, 2011


A 9. 0 magnitude earthquake, followed by a tsunami sweeping 1300 miles of coastline, accompanied by fires, explosions and radioactivity released from nuclear plants malfunctioning - multiple disasters beyond the scale of human comprehension. Whole towns swept away, and even at the edges of the disaster, homes ruined and business demolished.

The eastern coastline of Honshu is home to the majority of the one-hundred-twenty-seven million people of Japan, and the northern part of the island is very cold this time of year. But areas of the island are without power due to the shutdown of five nuclear reactors. Reports are of 200,000 evacuated from near the nuclear plants.

As terrible as they were, this disaster is worse in scope and magnitude than the quake in Haiti or hurricane Katrina. According to a report on CNN, the quake appears to have moved the island of Honshu eight feet, and shifted the earth four inches on its axis. Parts of the coast have dropped lower, leaving water where cities used to be. It puts my personal worries and concerns in perspective. We pray for the people in Japan who are suffering in the aftermath.

Here is a link to the Huffington Post page on How to help Japan. Where to begin? One small act of kindness at a time.

Here's multiple links at PC World to stay informed and in touch with your friends - everything from live network feeds and live blogs in Japan to the United States State Dept. and the Red Cross, helping families communicate.

Among the help being sent by the United States government, here is a list of Navy ships sent to assist the Japanese government rescue operations. The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan is already off the stricken coast, serving as a floating platform for refueling the Japanese and other helicopters involved in rescue efforts.

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