Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Brief Personal Note: a month of difficulties

I usually don't write about my daily life - too boring. Well, that hasn't changed but the past few weeks have been a bit challenging. I have temporarily slowed work on my family tree project, and here is why, complete with a few timely cautions about safety at home.

For Christmas I received a lovely pair of soft, quilted, fur trimmed (fake fur) slippers. My feet were warm and comfortable, and even though the comfy slippers were a size too large, I wanted to keep them.

We put some large area rugs on the wood floors when we moved into our new home last year, but I frequently stumbled on them because of an old injury - my feet don't pick up as they ought. (You can see where this combination is heading, right?)

A few weeks ago, I picked up two pretty water glasses and headed into the kitchen to refill them for an afternoon session on the Internet, documenting our family tree.  Approaching the kitchen sink, I stumbled over the throw rug in my loose slippers, thrown forward and putting out my hands toward the granite counter. I missed the countertop but the drinking glasses hit the edge of the granite, my forehead hitting the glass tumblers hard as I went down.    Both glasses shattered between my head and the granite counter.

I ended up with cuts on both hands, a long cut over the left eye, a slight fracture and cuts over the bridge of the nose, a smashed lip, and deep cuts over the right eye, nicking a small artery.

We have an excellent volunteer fire department and emergency responders, or I might not be writing this today. I needed stitches and several weeks to heal.

I have read that, statistically, the most dangerous place is one's own home. Now I'm a believer.

After weeks away from research I was enjoying a snack of roasted almonds when my lower right molar cracked apart.

A week later I was in the dental chair nearly two hours, for a root canal and then installation of the permanent crown. Very tender mouth and back on pain killers. Pain + pain killers = fuzzy brain, so work on the family tree again slowed down while I healed.

My message is - watch out for loose slippers, area rugs and nuts.

Soon Pandababy expects to be adding more regular entries, sharing discoveries on relatives distant in time and space, culture and language.

Meanwhile, everyone stay safe whenever you are in that most dangerous of environments - the home.

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