Thursday, October 3, 2013

Good to the Very Last Bite

Chocolate from Holland arrived shortly after my friend Robin returned from a cruise which stopped in Amsterdam. What a lovely surprise! I managed to keep it for two months, until reaching a goal to celebrate in my diet. This past week I have nibbled four or five squares a day (24 squares in a bar), and stayed at my new weight.  It is the only chocolate that I've had since the middle of May - me, a chocolate addict!  But that is the trouble, you see.

If I only liked chocolate a little bit, I could have a bite and then quit.  As Robin knows too well, I am not good at saying no:)  So, it is easier to have no chocolate than just a little.  Sadly that applies to more than chocolate.  Have you ever had just one french fry?  Just one chocolate cream out of a box? Just one chicken wing?  Well, you see what I mean.  Self control is a virtue which I have opportunity to practice too often - not losing my patience or my temper, not talking too much, exercising when I don't feel like it - oh yes, lots and lots of practice.  

Considering my rate of failures, I am not so sure that practice makes perfect. Doubtless it is still good discipline.

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