Saturday, August 9, 2014

Catching up on news

What's new for August is a garden. After three years in our new house we have bulbs started on the deck and a raised bed of vegetables started in the yard. We'll have a few lilies and gladiolas before summer is gone. The vegetables are for a winter garden - cabbage, kale, broccoli, onions, turnips. We also have a compost heap in the yard, and it is already turning into rich, dark, earth. All the remains of my smoothies go into it - avocado and banana and pear and apple peelings, orange rinds, etc.

Another new item is our daily walks in the new section going in nearby. Leo walks and I drive my electric mobility scooter. The views are fabulous - we are high over the valley, and see the hills and trees on the other side. Sunshine and fresh air flow over and through us as we watch the view.

We found some a new series to watch on Roku. "Landgirls" is a series from Britain about the army of women who kept the farms going and the nation fed while the men fought Hitler. Just like the regular army, they could be drafted to serve. We have only the last one to view. Next up will be Blenchley Circle, about code breakers during the war, another British series.

I keep on working on the family tree at WikiTree, and have been able to complete and download some of the branches. My two recent badges:

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GoldiBear said...

I love everything you do, the way you think and who you are - and I especially love the things that I get to do with you.