Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What's New at WikiTree and other news

For an overview of happenings at WikiTree, see Eowyn's February News from the Tree.  Eowyn introduces four new WikiTree Leaders, two of which, Lisa Franklin and Cheryl Hammond, have joined Magna Carta project.

See the above link for pictures from WikiTree's booth at RootsTech 2015, attended by 22,000 people in Salt Lake city this month.

The Ranger project has expanded to seven teams, one for each day of the week. I'm on the teams for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The teams are encouraged to adopt a symbol for their team, and here are the badges for Thursday and Friday teams. Wednesday still needs to come up with a symbol (as does Monday but that is not my worry). All the team badges match with the Ranger badge and are very attractive. WikiTree has an outstanding graphic artist.


Eowyn Langholf said...

Nice summary April :)

GoldiBear said...

WikiTree is maturing so fast, and changing every day! Thanks for the update! (Thor's Daisy is a little "mind-boggling" though - The God of War clubbing people with a Daisy??? I guess the message is to always be gentle, even if you feel warlike on a Thursday :).