Saturday, September 26, 2015

WikiTree Rated #4

Genealogy In time Magazine is rating WikiTree at #4 of all free genealogy websites this year. In 2013, WikiTree was rated #33 overall, and in 2014 rose to #21. This year WikiTree is rated #15 overall. {{happy dance}} The magazine describes describes WikiTree as:

a free family tree website whose mission is to create a single worldwide family tree. It works on a system that encourages collaboration among members.

The article points to an alarming trend about the future of free genealogy on the Internet.

There are still several significant free genealogy websites, but there are fewer  of them with each passing year.

Who 'owns' your ancestor's data? The trend is towards a pay-for-access monopoly. As quoted on another page from the same Genealogy In time Magazine:

 As the genealogy industry matures, it is becoming more dominated by large firms. Ancestry, MyHeritage and brightsolid combined now control 51% of the genealogy marketplace.
For a breakdown of ownership for familiar genealogy websites see this table on this page.
I have seen a revolution in genealogy since beginning with letters to cousins and trips to cemeteries archives in 1989. Scattered records in inaccessible in repositories around the world are now digitized and searchable from my computer.

Sharing my discoveries at WikiTree has extended my tree and increased my understanding, working with far flung cousins interested in our mutual ancestors.

"Are you my cousin?" (with thanks to AJ Jacobs). Come join the fun at WikiTree.

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