Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Down three pounds since Jan 30th

It is not easy to lose weight at 70. Too little muscle, too much body fat, not enough exercise, a lifetime of negative eating habits - little wonder that few people even try to get fit at 70.

I feel as if I have a secret weapon in the war on fat - cookies! Not just any cookies, but Dr. Siegal's Cookies. Designed to satisfy cravings, keep blood sugar stable, and a lot of other good things.  If I kept on the diet more perfectly, I could have lost four pounds instead of three. But who is perfect?

Now my weight is in territory I have not seen in over twelve years! I have more energy, feel more graceful. The Cookie Diet helped me through Halloween followed by Thanksgiving followed family birthdays, Christmas and New Year's Day celebrations.

I'm an emotional eater, and yes, there have been stressful days when I might have gone for the junk food - except my cookies satisfy that craving.

Be good to yourself and take a look at Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet. It is working for me. I know how hard it is to lose weight, and wish for anyone with a desire to get fit to have the best tools available.

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