Thursday, March 17, 2016

They Think It's All About Them

What about the people who are waiting for justice? What about the cases waiting to be heard by the Supreme Court? Do not dismiss the urgent need for a ninth justice with a simple observation that the court is still in session, that cases are being tried. No!

The importance of cases that go all the way to the Supreme Court deserve a hearing by a court of nine judges. The people who have spent years of their lives and untold amounts of money on lawyers deserve a complete court of the best legal minds judging their case.

They do not deserve the posturing of Senators who smirk at the camera and tell us they "want the people to have a voice" in choosing the next judge. The people have a voice - one they elected by a large majority twice, with no hanging chads! If the Senators cared about "the people" they would care enough to do their jobs and hold hearings to "advise and consent" on the current nominee, Judge Merrick Garland. They would do their Constitutional, sworn duty. IF they cared, about the people.

The newscasters, the opinion columns, all sound and look like it's all about the Senators blocking the hearings - like it's all about them.

I doubt if the appellants waiting for justice would agree. What happened to "justice for all"? This looks more like justice at the convenience and whim of the rich and powerful.

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