Friday, March 11, 2016

Pros and Cons - and outcomes

In the war on fat, which I declared last September, there is that which works for me, and that which makes it harder.

Dr Siegal's cookie Diet
membership at Timbertown Gym, coaching and encouragement
Fitbit that Goldibear gave me
inspiration from Dr. Siegal, Dr. Raty, Gretchen Rubin, other authors
my very strong desire to get fit and healthy, and not become a burden to my family

my age - 70 - slower metabolism, less muscle
amount of weight to lose - 25 more pounds
habits of being 'emotional' eater - food the answer to anxiety, anger, boredom, etc.
evidence of my history - yo-yo syndrome
3 prescriptions, that tend to cause weight gain and/or slow weight los

I'm winning the war on fat.  Although my weight hasn't changed from what it was two weeks ago, and a pulled muscle has kept me out of the gym for over a week, I'm burning (slightly) more calories than what I'm eating. My measurements are moving slowly in the right direction and my clothes fit better. I have more energy and a good mood. The cookies keep me satisfied and on the stressed-out days I burn the calories I eat, just not as many. Not gaining is winning, too.

The cookies still taste delicious. I never expected to see the day when I would be keeping my New Year's Resolutions in March! It feels very good indeed.

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