Thursday, September 29, 2016

Another Major Newspaper against that man - UPDATE

On Saturday, Oct 8, the Deseret News broke an 80 year tradition of neutrality on partisan politics, and DIS-endorsed that man, and asked him "to step down from his pursuit of the American presidency."

Today, Sunday Oct 9, the Columbus Dispatch, with a history of endorsing Republican candidates, endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Last Saturday I posted a link to the NPR article listing major newspapers which have endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.  I updated it with the Arizona Republic two days ago - a notable Hillary endorsement from a paper that hasn't endorsed a Democrat for President since its inception in 1890.

Today, the USA Today broke with its tradition of not making endorsements in elections, to publish an editorial opinion unanimous from its editorial board that says vehemently - 'whatever you do, do not vote for ('that man')'!

One thing all newspapers, whether liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, have in common, is their sense of historical perspective.

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