Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What really happened with Hillary's EMails?

Every time that man is in a tight spot (it happened in the debate a few times) he pivots away from answering the question and throws out accusations at Hillary. So let's talk about those emails. I wonder if there is one single thing anyone at his rallies could explain about the contents, the rules, the investigation, or the subjects.

The facts in Hillary Clinton's Emails shocked me because the reality is so different from what he says.

You could find a needle in a haystack with the amount of money and effort spent on Hillary's emails. There was no needle, nothing to pin on Hillary -- but give them credit -- they would have found it if it was in there. No matter how many more times they look for that needle they'll never find it.

They're looking in the wrong haystack. They ought to look in their own haystack -- in spite of the weeds, thorns and rot. There they might have better success at making the search worth it. Let's see all their emails - they're searching through hers. I wonder what they are hiding?

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GoldiBear said...

Excellent point, PandaBaby! I would really like to see 30,000 of their personal emails start falling out of Wikileaks - but if you start wading through them, watch out for all the needles!! You might get poked with malicious lies and cozy arrangements with big money - to name just a few of the hazards. A weedy, thorny, rotten haystack would be bad enough, even without all the painful needles! I wonder what they are hiding,too.