Saturday, November 19, 2016

It Really REALLY matters Who You Trust

Do you trust Fox News to always tell the truth? Do you trust all those "FWD/FWD" emails you get to be accurate? Do you have a favorite website where you believe everything?

If so, you have embraced lies, big purple lies, and black horrible lies. How do I know that? Because people will lie to promote their cause, they will lie for enough $$$, they will lie because they can, and sometimes they don't mean to lie but are relying on false information. Do you think 'your' side of politics would never lie? You are in for a bad shock if you start fact checking them.

How can anyone know if they are getting the truth? Vigilance!

Fact check controversial news and rumors at SNOPES. For example, they show how it is a totally made-up claim to say that states do not count all the votes in a Presidential election.

Are you angry because Marian Robinson, Barack Obama’s mother-in-law, will receive a $160,000 government pension for babysitting her granddaughters during Obama’s presidency? You and lots of other people have been sucker punched - that is an example of fake news.  FACT CHECK is an excellent place to make sure you aren't being played by an organization that wants to make you angry to get your vote.

Reading the first page of a Google search will reveal controversies to investigate on a news item.

Does your favorite news and views site source and link? The DAILY KOS, for example, will print only confirmed and sourced stories.

Are you careful with what you eat? Would you grill a steak you found in your mailbox? Not fact checking the news is the same as eating food from an anonymous source - only instead of possibly poisoning your body, you may be poisoning your mind.

Take care out there, and fact check.

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