Sunday, November 6, 2016

Media hoaxes not limited to Brad Pitt's "suicide"

Brad Pitt is alive and well, but those who have followed links on the Facebook post about his suicide, are victims of a malicious hoax aimed at stealing personal information from their Facebook profiles.

SNOPES on death of FBI agent today reveals that and other reported deaths as hoaxes, so if you read about "an FBI agent found dead this morning" your best bet is to check it out at SNOPES before you click on a harmful link.

The number of hoaxes regarding various people supposed to have been killed by Hillary is truly amazing - almost as amazing as the number of people who are willing to believe them.

I found the SNOPES on Huma Abedin investigation into the hoax of Hillary's aide Huma being tied to Muslim terrorists to be especially enlightening. After tracking down the origin of the hoax, and all of the lies, the origin of it all turns out to be -- Michele Bachmann.

Meanwhile, Huma is defended by many, including John McCain. Of course, if you despise veterans who were captured, I guess you won't believe him, either.

I never would have believed the amount of hate, racism, lies and ugliness of America's underbelly if it hadn't been uncovered by this most extreme of all elections. God help us to heal.

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