Thursday, December 15, 2016

Weather Report for Wednesday Dec 14

An accumulation of three inches of snow fell on our driveway here in Estacada yesterday. This scientific number was determined by sticking a ruler into the snow. The high today, Thursday, is forecast to be 34 degrees, and it is predicted to warm up to a high of 45 degrees by next Tuesday.

This weather pattern, which is unusual for western Oregon in December (or even in February) has arrived thanks to La Nina, combined with a polar vortex sweeping down from Siberia. We had studded tires installed on the Matrix last week, and if you have ever seen our road down the hill into town, you'd understand why.

This is the second significant snowfall of the year, and more snow is predicted before the New Year. We lost our electricity both times, and expect it could happen frequently this winter. We have no alternative heat source, but the house is well insulated. This time the power was off for seven hours, but we only lost a degree per hour. If we'd fired up the BBQ on the deck, we could have had a hot meal, but since it was 27 degrees with wind blowing the snow horizontally, we were inspired to stay indoors.

Blessings and prayers for all who must venture out in this weather, and special thanks to the PGE workers who were out in the freezing cold, reconnecting our electricity.

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