Saturday, September 24, 2016

but Don't just Take MY word for it...

NPR published a list today of Republican newspapers endorsing Hillary Clinton. They could not find any major newspaper endorsing Donald Trump. In a race that is touted as 'close', the amazing absence of endorsements for Mr. Trump is the latest dog in this election that is not barking.

It makes me wonder: What does the media know that I don't know?  Newspaper reporters travel with both campaigns and see the candidates in a variety of settings. Trump keeps up a stream of 'concerns' for Hillary's health and mental capacity, but the evidence shows that the media traveling with them both see it differently. Those who have the best opportunity to judge her health have endorsed Hillary, not Trump.

Frequent questions about why there is so much smoke if there is no fire are answered by Goldibear, who has seen an election or two.  He has found the source of all that smoke! It might not be what you think.

Friday, September 16, 2016

What Do World Leaders Think of Donald Trump?

General Colin Powell - Sec. of State under Pres. G.W. Bush, retired Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff:
"a national disgrace" and "international pariah" cited in CBS News

Enda Kenny - Irish Prime Minister:
"racist and dangerous"  cited in Bloomburg News

Theresa May - Prime Minister of The UK of Great Britain
"divisive, unhelpful and wrong"  cited in BBC News

Vladimir Putin - President of Russia:                                  
"colorful" (bright as in 'vivid and flamboyant', not as in 'smart') cited in PolitiFact

Francoise Hollande - French President:
"makes you want to retch"  cited in The Washington Post

Nicola Sturgeon - First Minister of Scotland:
 “no longer fit to be a business ambassador for Scotland"  cited in the Independent

Bill Shorten -  Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament of Australia:
"Barking mad" cited in the Guardian - U.S. edition

Malcolm Turnbull - Australian Prime Minister:
"against their national interests"  to say what they think of Trump publicly  cited in The Guardian

John Howard - former Australian Prime Minister:
"trembles"  cited in The Straits Times

Sigmar Gabriel - German Economy Minister:
"a threat to peace"  cited in Reuters

Michael Roth - Germany's European Affairs Minister:
"trumpets out things... without any factual basis" cited in Reuters

Enrique Pena Nieto - President of Mexico:
"a threat to the future of Mexico"  cited in the Los Angeles Times

Mauricio Macri - President of Argentina
“would be hard to work with someone who would want to build walls” cited in BuzzFeed
The above sampling of opinions from world leaders should make us stop and consider how Trump is going to be able to work effectively if he is elected.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Do Good and Win

WikiTree - a totally FREE, unique website with the goal of building a single, global tree - is having a Source-a-Thon  the weekend of Oct. 1-3.
Come join the WikiTree family and help put a dent in its Unsourced profiles!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Fog of Political War Blown Away

Jonathan Chait hauled my mind out of the tar pit of equating balance with tit for tat stories. Read Chait's incisive and brilliant deconstruction of a disastrous false equivalence at the New York Daily Intelligencer.

Krugman at the New York Times puts it simply: "Hillary Clinton Gets Gored".

Catch up with the Newsweek headline from Aug 2, Donald Trump's Many Business Failures, Explained.

Discover from BuzzFeed why Colin Powell calls Trump a National Disgrace, and read the other nasty-but-true things Powell said.

Compare the Clinton Foundation's A rating at Charity Watch and Platinum rating at Guide Star to the New York Attorney General launching an inquiry into the nonprofit Trump Foundation!

Is Trump going to release his cholesterol numbers, and is he ever going to release his tax returns?  Hillary made her tax records public every year for the past 35 years.

Weigh Trump and Hillary on the basis of their words, actions and intentions.

There is no equivalence - the weight of Hillary's decades of service, experience, education and knowledge of world affairs and politics outweighs the absolute inexperience and ignorance of Trump - except with the voters who are so angry with politicians they'd rather vote for a gold-plated chump than the woman with a heart of gold.

Those angry voters have the freedom to choose, but they do not have the right to put the rest of the world and all of us in it at risk.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Aarrrghh - this is just too much!

This is just too much for me take in silence, least it look like acquiescence.

The press asks if Hillary is secretive - but why aren't they demanding Trump's tax returns?  Hilary's tax records are public going back for 17 years.

Did you watch "Churchill's Secret" last night? Although he had a stroke, he led the government for years before he retired. The show made a point of celebrating Churchill's "indomitable soul", because he came back from a devastating illness to continue his life's work.

Meanwhile, in America:

Much has been made of Hillary working through the weekend even though she had walking pneumonia, and the Trump chorus chants "she's too weak, ba-da-boom ba-da-boom". Seen objectively, the 'weak woman' meme is simply good old chauvinism dressed up in a hospital gown. It was outmoded before Trump used it, but give him a break - how else will he distract voters from his weight and his "cardiac arrest on a bun" diet?

Trump is being fined for taking $25,000 from his charitable Foundation and giving it to a campaign to re-elect Florida Att'y Gen. -after which she stopped the investigation into Trump University in Florida. If it were not sad, it would be funny, that his campaign calls Hillary crooked and sends up balloons about her Clinton Foundation, which has received top ratings from two independent Charity watch groups.

What scares me the most about Trump is how willing people are to ignore his all too obvious character flaws as long as he will say what they want to hear. He says that under Trump, America will be a Christian nation, so Dobson and other pastors endorse him, willfully shutting their eyes to the facts - Trump's actions do not exemplify Christian values.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Enough Politics - More than Enough, Even

Surveys show that most voters have already made up their minds.

Now we countdown to Nov 8, when we can vote for our choice to represent us in the House and the Senate and as President.

My choice will be driven by my belief that our country can be better and do better than we have, that we can overcome prejudice and fear of differences - whether they be of skin color, religion, language, customs or whatever. I believe that we have more that unites us than divides us. I believe a Christian is someone who demonstrates kindness and meekness, gentleness and peace. Hate is not a Christian value.

I want an America with liberty and justice for all.