Saturday, August 20, 2016

Pauline Campos asks: "Do We Fight Hate with more Hate?"

The reasoned argument in the Time by Pauline Campos (online Aug 19) made me stop and think.

I'm with you Pauline - I'm not laughing either.

This election cycle has already seen new and horrible low standards that history will cringe to view: men slinging playground insults over body size, insulting and slandering a war hero and his family, inviting a foreign power to mess with our election, suborning assassination as a remedy for losing at the polls.

We needed only the recent naked statues of Trump to crown 2016 as the year where nothing was too low for the American voters.

Future generations will ask each other: 'How could they?'

How could they mock physical imperfection as the remedy for someone mocking physical imperfection?

How could they try, convict, and sentence a candidate in the court of mob opinion, rather than in a court of justice and evidence?

How could they not see that they are acting the same or worse than the ones they are mocking and hating?

How could they be so blind to the fact that we are one nation, indivisible, and we all suffer the wounds we inflict?

We did not need a circular firing squad to prove this truth: no man is an island.

We are all part of the whole - to diminish one is to diminish all.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Ditto and a Warning

I'm not the only one who thinks Trump is 'crazy like a fox'.  But whether he is - or is not - deliberately planning an insurrection if Hillary wins, he is most definitely putting her in mortal danger with the statements he and his spokesperson continue to make, and double down on.

A disturbing thing about Trump's campaign to me, as a Christian, is how many self-proclaimed Christians are refusing to condemn his hateful speech. Beyond that, Jerry Falwell endorsed Trump, and  Dr. Dobsen - the well-known family advocate, endorsed Trump as reported July 21st and July 27th.

How often we are reminded in The Book to rely not on what people say, but the fruit their lives produce prove who they really are. Who is Donald Trump?  Look at his actions. Who is Hillary Clinton, look at her actions. A life of service to 'the least of these' vs a life pursuing riches. Which is best qualified to serve the nation at President?

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Trump's Top 5 Words: Badly, Crazy, Weak, Spent, Joke

Tweets from Trump, analyzed at Washington Post, are put through a word counter. Here are the top five:


Matthew 12:34, "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks."

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Trump Told Us What He Wants - and it's No Joke!

Candidate Trump made his remarks about second amendment (gun rights) people and Hillary at Wilmington, Delaware, where their history is a massacre, using guns instead of ballots to change their government. His chosen audience cheered his words.

Trump is a dangerous man, deliberately playing to the worst, most violent and divisive tendencies in America.

He admires these "strong men"Saddam Hussein , Muammar Ghadafi and Vladamir Putin.  Does Trump wants to be President of the United States for one or two terms - or does he want to be like the men he admires, to take power and keep it?

Trump repeated in the run-up to the Republican Convention that it was "crooked", a "dirty, rigged system". POLITIFACT, Winner of the Pulitzer Prizer, found his claims false. Since his nomination he keeps saying that the general election is rigged, and that the only way he can lose is if it is rigged. If he loses, his partisan's expect to do violence because the election was 'stolen'. They know this because The Donald has told them so ahead of time - over and over.

Was it a 'spontaneous blurt' when Trump declared the election was rigged, at Columbus, at Ashburn, at Harrisburg or with Sean Hannity? Or a calculated seed planted in fertile soil, to sprout violence come November?

I worry that Trump is preparing to shut down the government if he loses - "that the system is rigged is one of the biggest themes of his campaign."   Trump's surrogate, Roger Stone, recorded a U-Tube video on August 1 saying that Hillary is planning to steal the election.

Matt Mackowiak, Republican strategist and Founder of  the Potomac Strategy Group tells Business Insider that:
"we've got to have a peaceful transfer of power on November 8 no matter what the choice is. And this just raises the possibility that we won't. That's a really, really, really dangerous situation."
Trump intends to become President of the United States of America, even if he has to create riots and shut down the government to do it.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Shannon Dingle - From my Heart to Her Pen

It has puzzled old friends who knew me when I was active intervening at abortion clinics, to offer help and care to desperate women. It has puzzled old friends who knew me to vote the Republican ticket top to bottom every year. They wonder what has made me change, to vote for Democrats. I have not changed.

Shannon Dingle, mother, pro-life speaker and Christian, writes all that is in my heart and more. I think it applies to more than myself - that she speaks for a large number of women who see a better way to express pro-life beliefs.

What makes a person pro-life? Read Shanon's blog to find out what pro-life means.  It may not be what you think.

Monday, August 1, 2016

A Month of Sharp Contrasts and Clear Choices

Did you watch the Republican Party Convention?

Did you watch the Democratic Party Convention?

If you missed them you can view them on the Internet.

One side offered blame and hate. The other side offered reconciliation and solutions.

I have followed and voted in every one of the past fourteen presidential elections, and never in my adult life have seen the extremes of behavior in the candidates, and policies in the platforms, as demonstrated in this election.

In the past, candidates have often painted the choices between themselves and their opponents as one that will have repercussions for years to come. This is the first time that no one can doubt the consequences of which candidate is chosen will be extreme for America and for the rest of the world - whether for good or for ill.

The incredible contrasts between the two candidates reveal them as opposites in every regard:

Hillary has had investigations, accusations, innuendo and slander, and never been found guilty.
Last week, Donald Trump's National Doral Miami golf resort, was ordered by Circuit Judge Jorge Cueto, to pay $282,949 and 91 cents in legal fees to Juan Carols Enriquez, owner of The Paint Spot, over an unpaid bill for $34,863 from two years ago, as reported in the Miami Herald.
 "A federal judge in San Diego set Nov. 28 as the start date for a trial over the Trump University fraud claims and said on July 22 that he’s also leaning toward letting former students with racketeering claims take their case to trial." As reported on Bloomburg News.
Aug 2 UPDATE: New York Times reports -  Students lawsuit Against Trump to proceed

Hillary and Bill Clinton have released their personal tax returns and returns for the Clinton Foundation, making them public record.
Donald Trump has refused to reveal his tax returns, the first Presidential candidate to do so.
The BILL HILLARY and; CHELSEA CLINTON FOUNDATION is awarded a Platinum rating by Guidestar, and an A rating by Charity Watch. When Carly Fiorina's campaign said only 6% of the money from the Clinton Foundation went to charity, went to work on digging up the truth. They found that 89% of the Clinton Foundation Funding went to charity, which explains the high ratings given by charity watch dogs.
Donald Trump claimed to have raised six million dollars in his telethon for veterans in January, but four months later his personal contribution for one million had not been given. The actual amount raised was revealed to be four and a half million, not six. The Washington Post pursued the story, and was rewarded by having Trump withdraw their press credentials for his campaign events.
Hillary Clinton has spent her entire career working to make life better for everyone, and her accomplishments speak for themselves: indeed, a few of them spoke at the Democratic Convention.
Donald Trump has spent his entire career enriching himself, and his accomplishments also speak for themselves, as well as individuals such as the chef Geoffrey Zakarian, and chef Jose Anders, as reported in Politico and the Daily Mail. Or read about the cute act that used to play at his rallies - The Freedom Kids, who are suing Trump for non-performance of their contract, as reported in The Washington Post. Then there are the former members of Trump's National Golf Club Jupiter who are suing him after he changed the membership rules, as reported on Bloomburg. But don't take my word - read about it for yourself, or about any of thousands of lawsuits this man attracts like flies attract - well, you know what attracts flies.