Friday, April 5, 2013

Dictionary of Medieval Knighthood and Chivalry

Arrived today from Friends of Books, Volume one of two: concepts and terms. Volume two, on persons, places and events, is on the way.

Bouncing up and down in my chair, I opened the box and pulled out a thick book to an accompaniment of goose-bumps.  As I cracked it open at random spots, I could tell it would not disappoint. Although the new version of this scholarly work is priced at $118.75 and up, my used library version was much less, and still in good condition.  If there are any equivalent books on this arcane subject, I am not aware of them.  At 604 pages, the volume covers concepts and terms from the years 1050 to 1400 thoroughly.  Every glance at a page shows me the work of an author in love with his subject, a work fifteen years in the making.

This has been a difficult year for me, physically, but rewards like today make it all worth the effort.