Thursday, December 16, 2010

Well that was a pregnant gap - nine months of silence - a golden pause. Goldibear has loaded PandaBaby onto the e-blogger server and recovered the archived blogs, so here we are again. For friends with links to PandaBaby, we have a different 'web address' now, so please update our link! Thank You!

Welcome to PandaBaby's realm of 'what's happening', poems, opinions & concerns, observations and discoveries.

What's New:
Fighting depression with the help of an experienced therapist, and discovered in the first session yesterday that two traumatic episodes I experienced in my childhood were due to my mother being in the throes of severe postpartum depression. (Not to be confused with 'baby blues' experienced by many new moms as the body adjusts its hormones after a birth.) Post-partum depression can endanger new moms and those around them. The Mayo clinic online shows how to tell whether it is the baby blues or postpartum depression, and what to do.

What's been happening:
We went house hunting, found one we liked, packed, and ... didn't move. Turned out the underwriter found the owner was "flipping". Yes, that is the reason it was turned down, called the flipping rule. Tch,Tch, can't buy a house and sell it for over 120% of the price within the first 90 days - or at least, not with a government approved loan. The depreciating real estate market has caused the house to lose over $15,000 value in the few months since our offer, so in the long run we made a lucky escape. In the short run though, we had seventy boxes to unpack and still need to find a house.

Grateful for friends both old and new, PandaBaby wishes everyone a joyful Winter Solstice on December 21, at 3:38 PM (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere and on the west coast). Throw another Yule log on the fire!