Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Selling R-Ranch

Five thousand, one-hundred and nineteen acres located just south of the Oregon/California border, with the Klamath river running through it, R-Ranch has been in our family nearly since it opened. Not a time-share or a 'plan', R-Ranch is only available to the 2,200 owners and their guests. Our fee simple title gives us ownership in common with the other owners - rights to the entire ranch: private salmon fishing, a fine string of western horses, two swimming pools, bunkhouse, campgrounds, tennis courts, lounge with pool tables and tennis tables, trap shoot range, hunting (in season), and so much more.

We have good memories of the ranch: BBQ's; rafting down the Klamath, horseback rides, swimming, camping, times with friends. Now it is time to let someone else enjoy the ranch. We can no longer make the drive down I-5, and it is time to say good-by, not to the happy memories, but to holding on to something we can no longer enjoy.

Every year some shares of the ranch are sold through the ranch sales offices, and this year they are priced at $2,500. - (reflecting an overall drop in vacation property since gas prices have spiked). We are putting an ad in the paper to sell for $2,000. and will include the 17 foot Road Ranger travel trailer we have stored at the ranch (free storage of your recreational vehicle is part of the amenities). If we could still use the ranch, we'd find a way to keep it, but as I've mentioned in other posts, health problems are influencing changes in our lives.

We'll always have the family pictures, which look much like those posted on the ranch website, here.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Whoosh - that is the sound of stuff going out of our lives at a rapid pace.

As Silvergull so rightly observed last month, "stuff and clutter blocks your energy flow. You should feel a lift as you declutter your life."

Last night I was invited to my niece's house for dinner. She has five adorable children, and what fun it was to listen to a few of them play the piano. She plays very well herself, and is teaching them, too. My sister was there, and played a duet with her youngest, who is only thirteen. A joyful evening to cap off a day of doing nothing (Sundays are wonderful for doing nothing!)

The youngest there was only two, and I thought to have a bit of fun with him, so while he was sitting in his daddy's lap, I played the old trick of 'stole your nose'. Ooops. Maybe a bit too young for that trick to come out the blue at him. His face screwed up with a seriously worried expression, and then he carefully raised his fingers to touch his nose -- just checking to see if was there -- or not! It was hard not laugh, he was so cute.

Today we are back to putting away things in the apartment. I started the morning by tossing out two large trash bags full of stuff. Feeling lighter and more energetic already.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Almost There!

Almost unpacked in our new apartment; almost finished with the renovations in our old house. The following contractors have been of immense help and provided excellent quality service in our efforts to upgrade our house prior to selling it.

Priestley & Sons Moving and Storage, Inc. (503) 661-7920

NW Sundance Services (plumbing) (503) 888-6881

Ponderosa Garage Doors (503) 730-0444

Floors with Flair (vinyl and carpet) (503) 356-6771

Vista Flooring (Pergo flooring and installation) (503) 330-6049

Bach Custom Coatings (cleaning and acrylic sealer for aggregate) (503) 956-7703

Li Hua Cabinets & Granite LLC (granite counters, faucets) (503) 771-3871

Granite Portland (installation of granite) (503) 919-8541

Ryan Parsons (painting and finishing) (503) 866-0609

In particular, Robert Hooper (Granite Portland), Christian Nahr (Vista Flooring), Mark Bach and Ryan Parsons have been incredibly helpful and given us valuable suggestions for improving our planned renovation. We highly recommend them for their excellent work, honest dealing and courteous service.