Monday, September 22, 2008


Whoosh - that is the sound of stuff going out of our lives at a rapid pace.

As Silvergull so rightly observed last month, "stuff and clutter blocks your energy flow. You should feel a lift as you declutter your life."

Last night I was invited to my niece's house for dinner. She has five adorable children, and what fun it was to listen to a few of them play the piano. She plays very well herself, and is teaching them, too. My sister was there, and played a duet with her youngest, who is only thirteen. A joyful evening to cap off a day of doing nothing (Sundays are wonderful for doing nothing!)

The youngest there was only two, and I thought to have a bit of fun with him, so while he was sitting in his daddy's lap, I played the old trick of 'stole your nose'. Ooops. Maybe a bit too young for that trick to come out the blue at him. His face screwed up with a seriously worried expression, and then he carefully raised his fingers to touch his nose -- just checking to see if was there -- or not! It was hard not laugh, he was so cute.

Today we are back to putting away things in the apartment. I started the morning by tossing out two large trash bags full of stuff. Feeling lighter and more energetic already.

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