Monday, October 20, 2008

Purple Nerf Football Knee

I never knew a knee could look like purple nerf football, but now I have personal proof on my right leg. We had been fortunate in our house renovation and relocation - no accidents or injuries - until last week.

(Note to self: do NOT try to move a large bag of garbage over rough ground when exhausted and holding something in the other hand.)

They say that most accidents happen in the home. Well, duh! Isn't that where most people are, most of the time? Still, one does feel safe in such a familiar setting. How could anything bad happen at daily, mundane tasks? Why didn't I just let go of the bag and save myself? Why was I trying to throw one more useless piece of jetsam overboard when I was too tired to string a sentence together? Stubborn old cow, that's why! (Simple reason but too true.)

So instead I took a header into the ground, broke my glasses, got a bloody cheek and chin, sprained my right hand, added insult to injury with dirt all over my favorite jeans and fleece, and for the grand finale, nearly gave my husband a heart attack coming out of the shower that night.

No, not that kind of heart attack (tch tch). I didn't realize my knee was injured until he screamed. I have fibromyalgia, and random muscles and joints hurt every day. So yes, it sounds a little retarded, but I ignored my aching knee the way I ignore my other aches.

Funny, it hurt a lot more once I looked down and saw a purple nerf football where my knee usually fit. Which just about sums up my philosophy of life - if it's going to hurt, don't look.